Biometric access control system in UAE

In a corporate environment, there is always the need for high quality access control systems. Access control systems serve to restrict particular areas of corporate space and allow entry only to selected personnel using measures like RFID smart cards or biometric scans. For offices, having an effective access control system set up is of great importance as the company can selectively allow entry to its employees and also retain entry and exit records which comes in handy as an attendance calculation tool. At Datazone Systems LLC, we help companies implement high precision, effective access control systems for their corporate environments with our best in class biometric access control systems in UAE. With our systems, companies can implement a secure, foolproof method of controlling access to their corporate premises, and also have a means to keep track of employee attendance. 

Our Services

As one of the foremost suppliers of biometric access control systems in the UAE, we at Datazone Systems LLC understand the need for companies to have stringent security measures in place in accordance with their requirements at office buildings and other business environments. To help companies deal with these requirements, we offer premium quality biometric access control systems which provide superior performance, great safety and convenient ease of use.

We offer companies with the below access control facilities –

  • Reliable and secure access control systems inclusive of access points, monitors, monitoring and authentication software and data storage.
  • High performance biometric scanning for easy entry and exit.
  • Networking capabilities which retain communication between control unit and multiple access control units for easy management.
  • Special software for monitoring, remote access, data retrieval and performance analysis.
  • Periodic maintenance and repairs with branded spare parts.

With cutting-edge solutions around biometric access control system in UAE, you can effectively take care of all your security needs and focus on the progress of your business while we worry about your access control requirements.