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Businesses today need state of the art solutions that can integrate & streamline processes, to provide effective and efficient communications. It is the critical requirement of any organisation to ensure proper planning and deployment of strategic communication services. A perfect contact centre solution will give the customers an enhanced calling experience, right from the moment the call lands to the call centre system till the point where the call has been answered by an agent and completed after resolving the concerns.

Datazone Systems L.L.C offers the best tailor made Contact centre solutions in Dubai, based on the organisational needs and workflow. We have an experienced team who have designed call centre solutions in U.A.E for various Enterprises across different industry verticals. All our engineers are certified specialists and this assures that our customers are always serviced by the right people.

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a basic option that organisations can deploy to enhance their customer experience, since there is an assured response to every call made at a very minimum cost. An IVR system can be programmed to give any predefined general or marketing information that saves the customer’s and agent’s time. Apart from that it can also let the caller know the number of seconds remaining for the call to be answered by an agent and hence keep them better informed that the call would be answered soon, rather than just the phone rings going on till the time the call is answered or dropped.

With the modern Automatic Call Distribution system, organisations can process high volume incoming calls and distribute them to single or group extensions. The calls can be distributed to respective agents or team and is a perfect solution to effectively handle large numbers of calls, while assuming that someone is always available at the receiver side to handle calls. An ACD system also maintains records of calling hours, the number of incomplete calls and the incoming call volume. 
Datazone Systems have robust contact centre solutions that can help organisations integrate their communication systems for online presence and monitor real time agent actions. With the help of technology and integration, using screen pop ups with soft phones, agents can identify customers calling, answer their queries, track history of transactions, update their information, provide real time messaging  etc all in real time, while allowing all of this to be monitored for quality and ensuring business performance.

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