Monitoring Device Solutions

Nowadays, most emerging and established organizations, companies, and businesses across the globe run on data centers and server rooms. The need of the hour is to have sophisticated and well protected data centers. These critical rooms need constant care and maintenance. This is where Datazone Systems LLC’s monitoring solutions UAE enter the fray and deliver excellence in servicing. According to a survey, environmental threats in a data center or a server room have the potential to cause greater damage than the conventional software or hardware glitches. If the server room/ data center heats up or is damaged due to water, it effectively renders every IT system useless.

Hence, monitoring device companies in UAE like Datazone Systems LLC capitalize in the adept delivery of protection of devices in today’s business world. We provide a comprehensive monitoring package for your entire business administration.

Our Solutions:
  • Overall, Datazone Systems LLC’s monitoring devices ensure smooth business workflow over a consistent time frame.
  • Helps to keep a watch on the various physical conditions like temperature and humidity.
  • Prevents data loss which could prove detrimental to any organization’s profit scale.
  • Protects the machinery by saving them from calibration and fluctuation worries.
  • Furthermore, Datazone Systems LLC provides consolidated server room solutions with the help of KVM switches, LCD consoles, and KVM extenders. This will allow you to control every detail of your server room from your desk itself. Plus, you can easily expand these solutions to suit the growing pace of your organization.

We also provide high quality environment monitors and devices. These devices possess the ability to come up with alerts in the case of emergency circumstances. Some of the parameters which are monitored by us on a per-second basis include:

  • Processor Utilization
  • Memory
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Collisions
  • CRC error
  • Buffer parameters

We’ve further made some noteworthy additions to our existing range of monitoring devices:

  • Wi-Fi tester
  • Toner and Probe kit
  • Network assistant and Network auto-tester
  • Cable analyzer kit
  • Cable qualification tester.