People Counting Solution Dubai, UAE

FootfallCam offers advanced door counting solution for retail chains at an affordable price. Datazone is an approved distributor of FootfallCam in Dubai and support channel partners in UAE. FootfallCam People Counters are engineered and manufactured in the UK. The counters are designed specifically for retail chains, it is low in maintenance, reliable and does exactly just what the retailers require. It’s a total off-the-shelf solution, so that retailers can start to implement into their stores and get definitive result as to how many customers they have coming into their stores, to calculate sales conversion - a key KPI to manage their business. Footfall counter is the new must-have for retailers.

FootfallCam are the first in the world to combine video analytics counting and Wi-Fi deacon tracking in one device. Combining 2 Technologies – Video Counting + Wi-Fi Tracking to give 5 business metrics:

  1. Footfall Counting 
  2. Outside Traffic 
  3. Dwell Time 
  4. Returning Customers 
  5. Cross Shopping 

People counter has evolved from beam counter to networked people counter over the years. With the rising popularity of Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, the new generation of counters are able to use Wi-Fi counting to measure the metrics more than just the INs and OUTs of the store.
Comparing with other people counters, FootfallCam counter is available at a very competitive price. We are mainly focusing on the traffic analytics for retailers where hardware and system are designed specifically to offer the Wi-Fi metrics for retail industry. That is why we can have predefined reports that are directly applicable to retailers.  We aim to provide a specific function that are applicable to many retailers and for many of their stores so that we can offer a cost effective price to all retailers.

We understand many resellers may not have the full expertise to deliver the product to retailers by themselves. We will fully support our resellers to cover the areas which are beyond their expertise so that they can focus their efforts on sales and marketing.