Security Systems UAE

Security is one of the major concerns of businesses in the UAE. Implementing high performance security measures is considered by organizations as one of the most important facets of their business, and one that requires special care and concern. Companies need security measures as they have to routinely deal with a lot of sensitive data concerning their business and the details of their customers, and also to ensure that entry to corporate premises remains restricted to employees only.

Furthermore, there might also be need for surveillance measures to monitor the day to day workings of the company. For these purposes, we at Datazone Systems LLC offer top of the line security systems in UAE for enterprise use. With our solutions, you can meet all your security needs with effectiveness.

What We Offer

Datazone Systems LLC is one of the foremost providers for corporate security equipment in the UAE. We understand client requirements and use our special skills and vast experience in the field to provide solutions which are guaranteed to satisfy. Our security systems solutions include –

  • CCTV – Modern, feature rich cameras with remote monitoring. Extra features include cameras which work with wireless networks, motion sensitive cameras, and infrared cameras, surveillance options on smartphones and tablets and video recordings of CCTV footage.
  • Network Security – High performance network security for office networks with the help of advanced firewall technology and Virtual Private Network setup.
  • Access Control – Efficient access control systems with included support for surveillance, which work with RFID based smart cards and biometric scanning systems. An added plus is the option to store entry and exit data for later retrieval and use.

With these superior security systems in Dubai, you can tighten security at your workplace so that your work environment and data remains safe and secure and you can go about advancing your business goals without worries.